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Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Services in Highland Park, IL

People and businesses alike have to pay taxes, and filing tax returns are the critical step to doing so. However, this process is complicated enough that it can be hard for anyone to complete without the knowledge and experience of a seasoned CPA. Logan & Associates Ltd. provides tax preparation services in Highland Park and all surrounding communities.

Income Taxes

Both corporations and individuals are subject to income taxes and must file a return once a year. Accurately reporting your income can be complex, as various income sources and potential deductions can easily be missed.  Companies and independent professionals alike can benefit from having a CPA perform their income taxes.

Our firm files both personal and corporate income taxes. We will work with you to make sure all information presented on your tax return is accurate, which helps make sure you are only paying your legally owed tax obligation instead of accidentally overpaying or underpaying. Once your tax return is complete, we will file your return with both the state and federal governments.   

Business Taxes

Additionally, Logan & Associates Ltd. can prepare the other taxes that a business must file. We can handle your payroll tax payments on a quarterly basis, making sure that these payments are prepared accurately and delivered on time. We will also help you take care of your sales tax and other tax obligations.

Tax Support

Tax preparation is an important service, but we provide more than only preparation. Logan & Associates Ltd. will help you plan for taxes and will support you if the IRS reviews one of your returns.

Tax planning is particularly important for businesses because of the various obligations a business faces. If an owner or manager fails to plan ahead in taking deductions and minimalizing taxable items, the multiple taxes owed can becoming overwhelming. Our tax preparers in Highland Park help you forecast opportunities to legally minimize your obligation and maximize your deductions, helping your business succeed.

Even when you plan ahead and accurately file a return, the IRS can choose to review any tax return as far back as seven years ago. If they see anything they perceive to be inaccurate, they can decide to audit you, and they may levy your property or your business’ assets, depending upon which return was inaccurate. Our firm helps you go through the audit process, helping keep any debt owed as a result of the audit to a minimum. We will also make sure that your ability to pay off that debt is not affected by unfair stipulations. 

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